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How To Make Awesome Green Juice

Green Juice is one the easiest and fastest way to include more goodness in your daily diet. If you’re new to juicing, it may seem like a big commitment but trust me, making green juice one of your daily non-negotiables could be exactly what you need to transform your health. In fact, I am going […]


My Favourite Kitchen Gadgets Rundown

Here is a list of my favourite must-have kitchen gadgets. I appreciate that some of the kitchen tools I suggest can be bit pricey.


The Pill + Depression | What You Need To Know

if you have been taking the contraceptive pill you may have found yourself feeling depressed and low. Or maybe you are considering trying the pill and are wondering what side effects you could experience? Then this video is for you.


Fibromyalgia | What To Eat To Support Your Body

If you have been struggling with fibromyalgia and you are looking for a way to support your body naturally, in this vlog I’m going to show you what to eat for fibromyalgia.


Endometriosis Natural Treatment Options

If you are struggling with endometriosis and are looking for endometriosis natural treatment options then are in the right place. I want to share with you 6-step protocol designed to help you treat the cause of endometriosis so you can feel better on your terms. 


Welcome To The New Food Psychologist Website

Woo hoo!!! It’s finally here and I couldn’t be more excited.  I am thrilled to welcome you to our new website. If you have been following my work for a while, then you may remember my original website with our weekly videos and one-to-one coaching services While I enjoyed working one to one with clients I wanted to create a way to offer more value to those struggling with health, weight and body issues.

The Food Psychologist
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