How Long Until I Receive My Results?
Turnaround times vary depending on the test. Please check the individual test pages for details.

Which Countries Are The Tests Available In?
These tests are available to those in the UK & EUROPE. If you live in the US or Canada, please email us at testing@thefoodpsychologist.com with details of the test you are interested in as we may be able to arrange testing for you.

 How Will I Receive The Collection Kit?
All kits are sent by post.

How Will I Know How to Collect The Sample?
Full instructions are given by the laboratory and will come with the kit.

What Do I Do With The Samples Once I Have Collected Them?
You need to return the samples to the laboratory by courier. Full instructions are given in with the kit. We will notify you once the laboratory has received your samples.
What Happens Once You Have My Results?
You will receive a copy of your test results by post. We are sent your results which we will then post directly to you. Please allow 2-4 days for these to arrive once you have been notified that your results have been received.

If I Have Any Questions Should I Contact the Laboratory?
No. The laboratory deal directly with practitioners. If you have any questions regarding any of the tests, please contact us directly at testing@thefoodpsychologist.com
How Will I Understand the Results?
We have created a dedicated Health Testing Analysis Membership Site packed with videos and interpretation guides which shows you how to analyse and interpret your test results.

Does The Price Of The Test Include Analysis?
No. If you choose to do this test as a stand alone, we simply send you a copy of the results as shown in the sample report.
How Can I See What The Results Will Look Like?
 Simply enter your name and email address on the test page and we’ll send you a copy of a sample report for instant download.

How Do I Order a Test?
It’s so simple to order a test, all you need to do is pick which test you want to order and click the Order Now button. Once we receive your order, we will have the sample kits sent to your door by post. You simply collect your samples as instructed by the test kit and return by courier to the laboratory along with the final payment (total test price is given under the order button). We then contact you when your results arrive. If you make a mistake with the sample collection, then you can email us at testing@thefoodpsychologist.com, and we send you another collection kit free of charge.
Why Are There Two Prices For Many Of The Tests?
Please notice the total price for the test. You only pay a proportion of the test price on ordering, and the remaining amount is due to the laboratory when you submit your samples. Samples will not be processed if you don’t send this final fee.
I ‘ve Had Tests Done By My Doctors How Are These Different?
Functional medicine tests are not available through the hospital or GP. They investigate your symptoms from a different perspective. Read through the copy and watch the video on each page to understand whether the test is right for you. Please note our testing if not a substitute for medical advice. If you’re concerned about your health, please speak to a qualified medical practitioner.
Why is Functional Medicine So Expensive?
Often when we total up the cost of your time trying numerous treatment approaches, supplements, medications and trips to your physician, the cost of a simple test, so you can understand what is causing the underlying imbalances, is far more economical in the long term.

Would I Be Better To Wait And See If My Symptoms Persist Before Doing Any Testing?

 The sooner you take action, the easier it will be to address any imbalances.
Would I Be Better Just To Change My Diet First, Introduce Some Supplements And If That Doesn’t Work Then Consider Testing?
These tests are designed to take the guesswork out of your treatment approach. Testing can often be a crucial first step for determining the specific supplements and dietary changes your body requires to help address your underlying imbalances. Without testing, it’s often just an educated guess, at best.

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