Gorgeous Greens


Asparagus is one of those green veggies I love to include regularly in my diet. 

Some of my favourite ways to enjoy these are stir-fried with a tamari and garlic or baked in the oven with a mustard. Yummo!


Growing up, I remember only ever having cabbage boiled. However, as I started to include more raw food into my diet, I realised that cabbage could be a great thing to use as a wrap alternative.

In the same way that I would use an iceberg lettuce leaf and stuff it with raw veggies, I could also use cabbage leaves. Stuffed with nut butter, lots of raw carrots, peppers and onion and rolled up with some tamari, it makes a delicious meal. 

If you have been struggling with hormone imbalances cabbage is one of those veggies I recommend you include more of in your diet. As a cruciferous veggie it is fantastic for supporting your liver to process old hormones. 


Parsley is another one of my favourite herbs alongside coriander, mint, and basil. 

Parsley works beautifully in soup. In fact, you will find that I throw it into many of my soup recipes.

 With flat leaf parsley, I also tend to chop it finely and add it to salads.


Like kale, spinach is one of those great leafy greens for throwing into your green juices and green smoothies. 

It also works well in salads,  as it has a very mild flavour, but is packed to the gunnels with nutrients. 

While I don’t have spinach every single day, it is a good one to enjoy regularly in the diet.


I confess, growing up kale wasn’t something I had even heard of never mind tasted. However, as I started getting into juicing and making my own smoothies, I realised that kale was one of those veggies that was going to be a regular fixture in my diet

I don’t typically have it a lot in salads, but I love to throw it into my green smoothies and green juices. 

Kale chips are another great way to enjoy kale. These snacks can be easily made if you have a dehydrator, seasoning and a little time to spare. Alternatively, you can grab a bag from the health store.

Red Swiss Chard

Like the other leafy greens, red or swiss chard is delicious in your fresh vegetable juices and green smoothies. 

You can combine it with other leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, and some fresh herbs and use it as a base for your salads.


Celery is great for juicing because of its high water content but it has a strong flavour. So, if you are new to green smoothies and juices, just be aware that it can be overpowering, so start with one or two sticks and build up from there. 

If you are making smoothies and juices for kids, this may be one to leave out until they used to them.

Celery can be finely chopped and added to salads, to give them more taste. It also goes well in homemade dips or hummus.


Courgettes are another lovely vegetable that can be enjoyed raw, stir-fried or baked in the oven. There are many ways to enjoy them.

You can spiralise courgettes into raw tagliatelle as a healthy alternative to wheat pasta.

 You can thinly slice them with a mandolin and them use as a raw lasagne sheet. Or, you can slice them julienne style and throw them into your stir-fry. They have a tasty flavour to without being overpowering.


There are lots different types of lettuce you can enjoy.

Iceberg lettuce is often the one found in everyday salads. The only way I enjoy iceberg lettuce, however, is in place of a wrap. Stuffed with cashew nuts, raw veggies, tahini, nut butter and tamari it comes into its own. 

Alternatively, you can buy bags of lettuce and mix that with other green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, chard, which is going to bulk up your salad and make something more interesting.

Romaine lettuce is another lovely one because it can be a fantastic base for your green juices and smoothies. Similar to cucumber it’s will increase the water content of your juices or smoothies so you can get more out of them without overpowering with the taste.


One of my favourite natural sweeteners are divine dates. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and low in calories these are my go-to food when a sweet craving hits. You can purchase dates dried, but these wouldn’t be my first choice. I prefer Medjool dates because they are very sweet, delicious and highly available. I love them on their own stuffed with nut butter or whizzed through raw desserts or smoothies.
In Nourish I use raw pitted Medjool dates to bind desserts and sweeten smoothies. They work best in foods when you have presoaked them. This helps soften them further so they blend easily.

Coriander is one of my favourite herbs because of its unique flavour.

You won’t get much from it when you add it to your fresh juices but with green smoothies, it can work well.

I love adding coriander at the end to my stir-fries or into my salads. It gives them a lovely fresh flavour and helps to ramp up their taste.


I don’t know where I would be without cucumbers. When you live on so many green juices and green smoothies, you begin to rely on good ole cucumbers to thin them out. (I even get some funny looks when I go to the supermarket because of the sheer number I buy!).

One of the reasons they work so well with juices and smoothies is because of the amount of liquid they produce. They give you a lovely base to start with because they have that mild taste combined with high water content. 

Then you can start throwing in different fruits, veggies, and herbs to add in more flavour.

You can also enjoy these chopped and added to salads.

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