My Kitchen Makeover!


I talk a lot about transformations on this blog. However, I am usually referring to health, weight and mindset. In today’s blog, I wanted to share a different kind of transformation with you -my kitchen makeover.

I don’t know about you, but I love a great home makeover and seeing other peoples home renovations. So I thought it would be fun for a change to show you a behind the scenes peek at our kitchen transformation.

We first bought this house five years ago.

It was very traditional and old school with dark wood everywhere and green tartan carpets. I have to confess; we completely underestimated the level of work it was going to take to modernise it and make it our own. In total it took us four years of living with workmen on and off to completely renovate all three floors, and we have only just started on the outside.

I remember when we were looking for a new home I was adamant we didn’t buy a new build as I wanted our home to be unique and personal to us – a decision I have questioned oh so many times since!

The last area we renovated was the kitchen- largely because it required the most work. To open up the space we needed to take down four walls and put in 4 steel beams. It was messy and chaotic. Plus for a family that lives on home cooked food, it was tough not having a proper kitchen or cooker for months and months on end.

To help us get by, we created a makeshift kitchen in one of our other rooms with an electric cooking ring and a plug-in oven from Amazon. Preparing meals wasn’t easy. In fact for Xmas dinner that year it took so long to make everything because the whole system kept fusing and by the time I would realise nothing was cooking – everything was going cold again. Fun times!

It took a couple of months from start to finish to create the open space that would become our kitchen.

After so much back and forth we decided not to do a fitted kitchen. I love all things shabby chic and wanted the space to feel homely and in keeping with the country lifestyle we have. I ordered all the units from Maison Du Monde and as you will see I love Smeg, so most of the appliances are from them.

Along with our pink cooker and fridge, my favourite thing about the kitchen is the walk-in pantry cupboard. It is so handy to be able to see all of our dry food without having to pull everything out of the cupboards. I’m not a huge fan of wall units, so instead, I opted for open shelving and a large plate rack. I love kitchen equipment and collecting dishware, jugs, and bowls, so it makes sense for me to have a way to display these.

The original kitchen was dark and traditional. It was not ideal for family living or when we have guests over. I would spend my time in here prepping food while everyone was enjoying themselves and chatting in the dining room.

Things Start To Come Together….Finally!

Once the walls were removed and the steel beams were in place the fun part could finally begin and the kitchen started to take shape.

The End Result

Finally I have a kitchen I love to cook in. As you can see it doesn’t have a minimalist, neutral look because that’s not me. I love colour and pattern, and I looooove to cook.

Our kitchen has become a happy space in our home, where we can gather around the kitchen table, eat, drink and of course play lots of games.


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